Fruit Focus 2014 in East Malling, Kent, UK

It was my first time to visit the Fruit Focus in East Malling. The weather was beautiful and atmosphere buzzling with vibrant growers and service providers showcasing their products and services.

Despite the challenges with the economy and changing global weather conditions, it was evident that there is a big opportunity for the fruit and vegetable growers to scale up their production to meet a growing population with consumers wanting a tasty local produce on a sustainable level and keen to play their part in reducing waste.
I am excited that our buried diffuser range is now on the UK market at the right time with its numerous benefits that will help the growers meet the demand, increase their profits and transform their businesses and livelihood.

I will definitely go back next year as an exhibitor!!

# Jeremiah@ East Malling 23/7/14


Finishing the Race

Jeremiah& Julian
I had trained for some few weeks but was not sure how long 10km would be in running! Starting was easy as I quickly connected with a third time runner Julian who encouraged me and paced our speed so we were not going too fast or slow but running to finish. There were thousands of runners for so many causes and the route was lined up by cheering crowds.
We went on and on and it seemed like forever then we came to the turning point. I had already developed problem with the calf in my right leg and was in pain. I had to talk to the left leg to finish off the run. The crowds kept cheering and the runners encouraging each other to keep going. Then there was the uphill stage which you had to get past and soon afterwards a sign showing 400yards to the finish, then loud cheering of family and crowds as you get to the end.
Although I did not raise any money, finishing the run was exhilarating. The satisfaction of starting and finishing, the lessons of keep going despite the challenges, its better with a friend and participating in a cause to serve others are replicable in every area of our lives. I have been motivated to look out to help more and would participate again.
I thank the organisers for the opportunity to participate, my family and friends who encouraged and cheered me, my running partner Julian and the massage team.
Be inspired to finish!!
# Jeremiah

Jeremiah is running the Leeds 10K…

Jeremiah training for the Leeds 10K

Jeremiah training for the Leeds 10K

Jeremiah (CEO) will be running the Leeds 10K on 20th July 2014 representing Canna. We hope to raise £50,200 to help finance pilot projects in the UK, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, and to aid in running costs and sales development. These pilot projects will help showcase the Buried Diffuser and build confidence with growers.

So far we have created employment for two people within the UK and are looking to empower many more through sub-distributorship in Africa. We have also placed our first advertisement in the June issue of HTA news magazine, we have established a presence on sites including Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and we have set up an Online Pre-Ordering Store, among other achievements.

Help us to do this and so much more by donating below or purchasing a Buried Diffuser from our Store.

Pre-order your Buried Diffuser on our Store

To enable you to purchase your Buried Diffuser with minimal fuss we have set up a pre-ordering service via our Store.


By ordering your Buried Diffuser you will be supporting us in our mission to help farmers and growers in harvesting healthier better quality crops and increase yields, break the cycle of farmers’ dependence on the rainy season by using water efficiency technologies and create economic independence to support sustainability.

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Canna at Nigerian Symposium 2014.

Canna was invited to the Institute of Tropical Agriculture to do a presentation on the Agricultural Transformation Agenda: Prospects for the African Youth at the Nigerian Symposium 2014. We sent Jeremiah Nyachuru (CEO) to Ibadan, Nigeria to present and conduct a small exhibition of the Buried Diffuser.

Digital Camera

The technical compositon of the buried diffuser, advantages and disadvantages and opportunties for product distribution were all discussed, with Jeremiah challenging the many educated youth gathered to engage with agriculture and take initiative to start projects and become self-employed, instead of waiting for someone else.

Digital Camera

There was an overwhelming response and Canna is working with many who showed  interest, to create pilot projects and distribute the diffuser in Nigeria.

As a result we arranged a Q&A webinar with Dr Chahbani, inventor of the buried diffuser, scheduled for May 3rd, 11am GMT.

However, we experienced severe technical issues which severely affected the broadcast. For this we are sorry. We are working on recording some footage to upload at a later time.

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