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The Mission Statement

Our core mission is to work with farmers to reduce the food supply gap, provide farmers with increased confidence in harvesting healthier better quality crops and increase yields, break the cycle of farmers’ dependence on rainy season by using water efficiency technologies and create economic independence to support sustainability.

The challenge: the reality of climate change threatening availability and supply of water and perennial droughts reducing crop yields and food supply for a growing world population.

The solution: is to raise water use efficiency using the buried diffuser to attain:

  1.  Sustainable Agriculture
  2.  Drought Mitigation
  3.  Develop food security that will help towards reducing hunger and poverty

Canna Enterprises (PVT) LTD is the exclusive distributor of a patented, innovative product used for sustainable irrigation called the Buried Diffuser, a root irrigation product that maximises crop productivity, saves water and is compatible with most existing irrigation systems. The Buried Diffuser was invented and is manufactured by Chahtech SA in Tunisia.

With the increasing demand and growth of the agricultural market Canna Enterprises (PVT) LTD are currently working on expanding the product range to combat climate change in areas such as forestry, horticultural, landscape and amenity.

Currently distributing in over 15 Countries across the globe including:

  • the United Kingdom
  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Zimbabwe
  • Tanzania
  • Zambia
  • South Africa
  • Malawi
  • Uganda
  • Ethiopia
  • Nigeria
  • South Sudan
  • Botswana
  • Ghana
  • and Mozambique

To discuss your irrigation requirements or speak to one of our advisors regarding the product, contact us.

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