Here are just a few of the awards the Buried Diffuser has won below:

  •  Prize of The Grand Prize INNOVATEC 2012/2013, MIFFEL, Avignon, France. 2012
  •  UNESCO international water prize, Budapest, Hungary. 2009
  •  Maghreb union combating desertification Technologies Prize. 2007
  •  ALESCO Prize (Arab League of Education, Culture and Science) of scientific innovation in the field of water. 2002
  • First prize of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for the best invention by an inventor researcher at the 11th National Competition of Invention and Innovation. Tunisia. 2001
  • First prize in the “Mediterranean Prize for Water” award from the Carrefour Euro Mediterranean Water HYDROTOP Second prize of Technology Innovation International Fair of Agriculture and Technology Innovation SIAT. Tunisia. 2000

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