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Store and Purchase (2)

What are your postage costs?

We only ship within the UK via this store, to purchase a product from another country please contact us.

On orders of £49.99 and below postage is £7 within the UK and is free on orders of £50 or more.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship anywhere within the UK from our online store.

If you are a business or outside of the UK please refer to our services.

The Buried Diffuser (7)

Who manufactures the buried diffuser?

Chahtech, a Tunisian based company manufactures the buried diffuser. This company is ran by the Dr Chahbani who invented the Buried Diffuser.



What plants is the buried diffuser suitable for?

The buried diffuser can be used with a variety of plants including trees and shrubs of many kinds, vegetables such as tomatoes, strawberries, corn and such and pot plants. It is however unsuitable for use with carrots, grass and other plants with root systems close to the surface.

How many diffusers do I need?

For trees and shrubs.. you will need two diffusers for a small or medium sized tree (with a canopy of 1m to 2m), three diffusers for a medium tree (with a canopy of 2m to 4m) and four to six diffusers for a large tree (with a canopy of 5m+).

For vegetables and similar plants… you will need either one 15x15cm diffuser per plant or one 15x30cm diffuser for two plants.

For a plant pot, you can use just one diffuser but two are recommended. Place the two (or one) semi-circle shaped diffusers in a pot no smaller than 30cm in diameter.

Does the Buried Diffuser have a waranty?

Yes. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty plus you can always call or email us and we would be delighted to answer your questions.

Do I need anything other than the diffuser to set up my irrigation system?

If you use the tree or vegetable diffusers you will also need connector pipes and a water tank that is above the diffuser, so the system is gravity fed. You could then fill up the water tank in any way you choose, e.g. by rain water or by pumps from a nearby river.

The Buried Diffuser will connect to 16mm or 20mm water distribution pipes.

If you buy the plant pot diffuser you do not necessarily need any extra pipes or tanks, but if you had a lot of them for example in a greenhouse, you could add pipes to the tops and a water tank to save you from filling up all the diffusers individually.

How long does the diffuser last?

The buried diffuser is expected to last for over 30 years when used for trees and over 5 years when used for vegetables. The water pipes and connections (not buried) are also expected to last for over 5 years.

Are the water pipes above or below the ground?

The diffuser is always buried, the pipes delivering water to the diffuser however can either be above the ground or 10 cm below the ground. If they (the pipes) are buried they are expected to last for longer than if they left exposed.


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